Style that’s timeless, close to Gatsby but in an updated form. Styling tips that would work today & suit the classic lovers of this era.

Credit: vedi_by_iz | Instagram
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Art Exhibition

Asia Pacific’s biggest art fair in a decade is taking place at MBS Expo & Convention Centre in Singapore. A meeting point for collectors, buyers & art lovers.

A great opportunity to engage with over 160 of the world’s leading galleries. And enjoy exiting & thought provoking art.

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Winter land

Beautiful with a white interior & even more beautiful when inside & outside merge into a white winter landscape.

Credit: villaurinko | Instagram

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Books 2022

I am an avid reader & these are some of the books that have passed through my Kindle in 2022.

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Street | Singapore

Haji Lane, one of the narrowest streets in Singapore. A stroll here will find you a good mix of shops & cafes. Beautiful shophouses of the early shophouse architecture, creatively decorated in their own unique style & the atmosphere provides a visual treat just by strolling along this street.

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Black & white

Out with Christmas & in with a slightly toned down but graphic replacement in black & white.

Cushion covers
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Beach time ☀️

First day of the new year, out on the beach, as far east as you can get on Sentosa island. Pleasant warmth, a little breezy for once & pleasant atmosphere. Singapore at its best.

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Website: – where you’ll find lots of tips & ideas & a compilation of many nice menus & recipes to be inspired by. Especially relevant for the New Year’s menu. These dishes were brought up to New Year’s last year.

Creamy artichoke soup with fried oyster wedges. Potato gratin, minced meat, garlic broccoli red wine sauce. Crisp forest berry pie with shortcrust pastry, whipped cream with vanilla ice cream.

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At times you can find a really nice super garment even at the big chains. Isn’t this knitted sweater really nice ⭐️

Credit: Zara
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Asian modern art

Zhang Hui i- a Chinese Asian modern & contemporary painter that’s been included in exhibitions throughout China & Europe & has established herself as an important figure in the contemporary Chinese art world. The characters in her works are all childlike & lovely, with dark skin & a round face, all glowing from her childhood memories.

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Right now in Bangkok on a short trip. Five days of vacation without any agenda. Just take it easy, walk, explore, take in moments & relax. Lunch taken at a French restaurant with excellent food & fantastic staff.

Pasta Pomodore
Beaf Bourguignon
Soft warm brownie, whipped cream, chocolate powder
Macchiato, espresso, biscotti
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Christmas is fast approaching & many people are preparing, planning & organising for the biggest holiday of the year.

Credit: Ellen.Hanssons
Credit: spisbedre
Credit: milstenshuset
Credit: ullpo
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Might be good to wear comfortable sneakers for a long day of shopping for groceries, supplies & Christmas presents. It’s indeed necessary.

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Lucia ⭐️

Lucia − the bearer of light. Alongside Midsummer, the Lucia celebrations represent one of the foremost cultural traditions in Sweden, with a clear reference to life in the peasant communities of old: darkness, light, cold & warmth. Lucia is an ancient mythical figure with an abiding role as a bearer of light in the dark Swedish winters. And it’s always celebrated on December 13.

Credit: mariannenordby
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Royal botanic garden

Between rain showers, the sun peeks out & warms one’s soul in the beautiful botanic landscape with brilliant plants & colours.

The Royal botanic garden, Sydney
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Sunday hike in hot & humid weather. What else to expect in a tropical climate. We made our way through the rainforest with well-kept trails & wonderful nature.

Rifle range nature Park | Singapore
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Finger food ⭐️

Finger food is probably one of the nicest things to offer because it’s often small, tasty starters that also create an informal feeling when you have a gathering, big or small..

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First Advent ⭐️

Happy Advent, now when the first candle is lit.

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Kanelbulle = cinnamon bun. The most Swedish thing you can be invited to, with a cup of coffee. The cinnamon bun even has its own day which falls on October 4 & is an annual theme day in Sweden.

Credit: linnutbult | Instagram
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Graphic composition & colour combination, a new exciting collection by Evelin Kroon produced by Klippan for Arket.

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Roast with red wine sauce, herb butter & tomato salad. The “meat” looks fantastic & it’s 3D engineered plant-based meat that’s s an equally good alternative to real meat. And kinder to animals, nature & our planet.

Credit: javligtgott | Instagram
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Tiong Bahru

Singapore’s oldest housing estate, Tiong Bahru, is a real gem to visit. It has a mix of unique architecture, quirky boutiques, bars & restaurants. But is also iconic murals that offer charming insights into a Singapore of yesterday.

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Early November & Christmas shops are on – already. But who am I to complain, I love this time of year. The usual favorite, panettone is a tradition, which we always start the season with ⭐️

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A gigantic 3D cat has appeared on a billboard in Tokyo, where it looms playfully over one of the city’s busiest railway stations. And with the additional 3D of star wars. Unimaginably realistic & fascinating to experience.

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Tokyo | Japan 🇯🇵

The things you see, experience, feel & hear in Tokyo – all senses are turned on. Amazing & simply unique that a ancient & modern culture overlaps each other so uniformly & works so well in parallel. Fascinating & inspiring.

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Neon jungle

When you can’t see the forest for all the trees – an expression that fits well here, in this urban neon jungle.

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Arrived late yesterday evening. View from the hotel room ⭐️

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Sandwich, the best breakfast or evening coffee – cheesy, spicy & hearty sandwiches with something warm to go with it.

Credit m| 1000smaratter | Instagram
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To think that these little tin cans in stripes & dots, useful for small things or just as pure decoration, are so graphically appealing.

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Colour palette

Simple & soft details in a beautiful colour palette.

Credit: greydecointeriors
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Fried pineapple with vanilla ice cream & honey.

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Vacation ☀️

Vacation, with the most beautiful experiences. Memories for life ⭐️

Phuket | Thailand
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Thailand ☀️

On a short vacation to Thailand. An environment that’s a blessing for the soul.

Dusit Thani Laguna hotel | Phuket, Thailand
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Green city 🌱

The city-state of Singapore is the greenest city in Asia, according to the Green City Index, and arguably has few competitors in the rest of the world.

Along the work ahead the bus stops are in focus. Currently there’s around 30 bus stops that have plants growing on their roofs & the goal is 150. Waiting in the heat at a bus stop with green roof could keep you cooler by 2 degrees.

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Pasta cake

An exciting idea & nice alternative for a joint dinner – a pasta cake that’s a real feast for the eyes.

Credit: goodfoodau
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From one bookworm to another, here are some tips on books, that we’ve read in my bookclub & that I’ve been recommended on Goodreads by friends. Enjoy ⭐️

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Hotel ⭐️

Hotel Bellinzona is a landmark in Melbourne, Australia. A 20th century novelty with exciting architecture, a luxurious regional splendor & a mix of cultures.

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Hawker food

Vegetarian hawker stall with various home cooked meals to choose from. It’s always at least one stall offers vegan | vegetarian food at each hawker centre.

In the old days, this type of food was served from a roadside stall or a pushcart. These days, hawkers can be found in coffee shops, hawker centres & food courts. Some hawkers usually specialise in a particular cuisine, sometimes in just one dish.

Vegetarian food stall
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The Mass Rapid Transit system, known by the MRT in common, is a rapid transit system in Singapore & the island country’s principal mode of railway transportation. A clean, bright & modern way to transfer between stations & convenient to travel across the state.

MRT station Paya Lebar
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Book store

A massive book store, Konikuniya with an outstanding selection. And the staff you meet in each department are knowledgeable, interested & helpful. Pure heaven ⭐️

Konikuniya Singapore
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