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Lighting candles indoors, especially when it is dark outside, is an immensely simple luxury.

Credit: homeathand
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Bob cut

I have just been to the hairdresser. It’s always the usual, a few centimetres, to keep the curls in shape.

Nothing dramatic, oh no, not I, you know.

Bob haircut is not possible with curly hair because you don’t get the smooth style, even if it’s slightly chopped.

But my inspiration is this style anyway.






Take care / Marie

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Black & wood / 214

Wood used & worn down until it fades or new timber that has its color & strength left … all kinds of wood are a luxurious feel. A natural materials that live & breathe with the house & the individuals who use it. It is neat with all types of materials & colors … regardless what applies right now. Timeless, simply!  I’m very fond of wood & I use materials that I prefer, of course. It may well be pine, birch or oak, in the first place. Ash might be nice at times, but a little too lifeless for my taste. But as usual, it’s vital how to put it all together. The mix of furniture with flooring materials, colors, fabrics & lighting … in combination with the room size. Even the way the light falls from the windows. It may look a bit pale, yellow or rather, without natural freshness.

I’m right now very fond of darker wood combined with black. A feeling of the fifties without that specific style. Well, with that style too actually, since it’s very appealing. I’m more after the contemporary style with soul…not styled or just copied right off but well thought out & detailed. Take a look at the first two images below. That’s the feeling I mean. But by all means, different woods combined with black details – it always works.

Very niiiiice / holmberg via pinterest

All these beautiful vases / bertrandbenoit

A personal look / mechantdesign

Inviting combination / helenaaro

Combination of old & new / solidfrog

 Nice commercial area / kulunkadecoblog

Wood & black / keltainen

A classic beauty / keltainen

Yet another commercial area / scandic grand central

A fresh look with white combined / scandic grand central

Soft feeling / automatism

Black & wood details / tumblr

Stylish / Pinterest

Wood with black accessories / annagillar

Take care / Marie

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