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We have seen a lot of this solution with a room separated from the rest of the home, through transparent doors. A good feature but also an important decorative detail to enhance the interior.

starwill tumblr

starwill / Tumblr

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Exciting home

A lovely & exciting home with furnishings, space and personal style to be inspired by.


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Few items

One main furniture & a few items in the right environment can get a room to lift¬†tremendously… it does not have to be expensive stuff to make a room look nice & appealing. But you knew that already, right ūüėČ

hanna via pinterest

hanna / seinät.lattiat via Pinterest

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Colour scheme

Colour scheme and combination of furniture Рperfect and so inspiring in its simplicity. 

Fredrika furniture

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Warm orange

A “dominant” couch in a fantastic warm orange color with equally attractive solitaires that enhances the experience. Neat!


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