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Rooftop | Madrid

The rooftop bar at the hotel were we stayed last week. Madrid was a pleasant experience. A beautiful city that sometimes are overshadowed by Barcelona but it is truly an underrated gem ⭐️

Madrid | Spain 🇪🇸
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Stockholm | Sweden

In Kungsträdgården in stockholm, the cherry trees were first planted in the 1950s as a gift from the Japanese government to the city of Stockholm. It’s a folk festival every year when the cherry trees burst out & for a few short, intense days at the turn of April – May the crowds are large & there’s pure joy in the air.

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Visiting the Gyeongbokgung palace in Seoul today. People are wearing Hanbok which is a Korean traditional dress & refers to the traditional clothes worn by men, women & children.
Hanboks are colourful & typically consist of a fitted jacket & a wide skirt for women & trousers for men. In the past, the hanbok was worn daily but now it’s reserved for special occasions such as weddings & festivals.

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A quiet moment on the beach with the sunset as a view – is pure blessing for body & soul.

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Returning to the same location & hotel for a week off. sun, pool, beach, lots of books – and long walks. Vacation mood ☀️

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