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Laundry 🧺

Laundry hung on a rope between the houses, always evokes great travel memories & kind thoughts.

Credit: truelsen | Instagram
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It’s always nice with welcoming plants at the entrance – here in a nice plant box with legs for the height. Looks great when contrasting so well with the facade.

Credit: @13northernlights
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Gooseberries – bright in color with thin skin. Who doesn’t remember these from childhood, available in many colours – green, red, white or almost transparent & always included as a snack to the meal – gooseberry cream with milk.

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A door says so much. It is the face outward that welcomes the visitor. This lovely old door in a fantastic color is inviting to the contrasting yellow facade. The beautiful flower garlands makes a mark as well.

Credit: Potpourri | tumblr

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The beauty around us that we sometimes don’t notice. Colours, shapes, vegetation – the arranged flower bed to the overgrown – so inspiring & liberating. Nature’s beauty.

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