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storfjord hotel

Storfjord hotel – a family owned luxury boutique hotel situated in Glomset, Norway. Secluded on a hillside overlooking the Storfjord & Sunnmøre Alps.


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Palm trees 🌴

A beautiful shot with a straight boardwalk right through the beach, surrounded by palm trees & leads us to the sea. I just love palm trees.

@spiagge.da.sogno / Instagram

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My relatively newfound interest in nature & long walks has led me to discover & appreciate landscaping & gardening. It is inspirational with all creativity & ideas. What a privilege to stroll through the various botanical gardens and parks that are at hand.


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House modules

House modules, small compact yet spacious enough for comfortable living, have become very popular alternatives. Can you then find a green & lush location, well, then there is not much more to be desired, right?

Credit: boligliv_dk

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A small rustic outdoor / sunroom decorated in natural materials and green, beautiful spring colours – which invites to simple activity or just socialising.

Credit: fruvintage

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