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Garden idea

A lovely garden idea, makes want to step out & stay there – a nice reminder about the precious beautiful things in life ❤️

Credit: ourlovelygarden
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Nature – gardens & parks, trails – has become an oasis for wellness & wellbeing the past year. The beauty alone is very comforting. I find it everywhere & it’s very inspiring.

Credit: camerongardens
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Table setting

A good table setting tip: go out into nature, pick moss & decorative greenery. Protect the table or surface you are going to use with plastic & place the moss / greenery. You can also place a rustic plank on top of the table, perfect for placing bowls, candlesticks & decorations on.

Credit: simonolsson.officiell | Instagram
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It looks nice with a small nice cabin with lush manageable surroundings and just the right size …

Credit: Bobedredk

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Greenery surroundings & walks are things that have calm the nerves. Not surprisingly of course as it’s a well known fact.
Isolatation & the limited space that’s been available, have made the world seem very small. I hope it’s over now, even though we have to continue to be careful.

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