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The need for greenery, clean air, forest & water around me has never been greater. It has a tremendous calming effect on mood, thoughts & health.

Credit: gardenista

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Beautiful bedroom that at first sight looks ordinary yet aesthetically appealing – no distractions – just a relaxing environment for a tired soul. An interior in a stripped room yet comfortable with white floors, white linen bed sheets & wooden storage. The greenery inside & outside provides a soothing effect.


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Glass veranda

Glass veranda – charming extension with old doors, surrounded by a wonderful view – garden with pots & plants – as well as a collection of outdoor furniture scattered along the façade. Extremely nice.


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The terrace, that’s the summer’s living room, with simple activities in the heat.
I like them in wood & with sufficient surface along the façade, just like this picture. Does not take much space from the garden area but effective for various functions. Very beautiful.


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Garden dream

We have a few days off & should really get going with a lot of projects already underway – but not at all motivated. It’s fantastic weather, the sun is shining & it’s absolutely still & quiet at the back. This is an aptly image to describe the harmony at present.



Take care / Marie

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