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Renovation of dilapidated pig-sty built in 1780. Nice to give an old building a second chance.

Credit: Naumann Architektur
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Ekhusen, designed by AndrénFogelström, consists of four small cabins embedded in nature on the island of Öland off the Swedish east coast.

Credit: ArchiDaires
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Flower Dome

The Flower Dome in Singapore, is the largest Greenhouse in the world. Beauty & diversity of plants & flowers from all around the globe under a single roof. A suspended walkway 22 meters above the ground offers a spell binding view of Singapore & the lush surroundings. Spectacular & innovative – it’s certainly one of the icons in this city.

Flower Done | Singapore
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Sultan Mosque | Singapore

Sultan Mosque is a must-see if you’re in the historic Kampong Gelam district. Masjid Sultan, as it’s also known, is a prominent mosque in Singapore & one of the country’s most impressive religious buildings & designated as a national monument.

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Street | Singapore

Haji Lane, one of the narrowest streets in Singapore. A stroll here will find you a good mix of shops & cafes. Beautiful shophouses of the early shophouse architecture, creatively decorated in their own unique style & the atmosphere provides a visual treat just by strolling along this street.

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