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Nice mix

Stylish & attractive mix – the colour of the sofa, the blanket in black and white, that covers the seat, the low glass table, the stools that are striped – the whole combination looks great!

Credit: interiorstories.se
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Black and white

When shooting for different purposes, it’s easy to zoom in on a corner & style it to get a reasonably finished impression. And black / white decor always hits home with the audience. Simple & nice!

Credit: alvhem

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Nice with earthy colors in an interior when combined with white. A simplified styling but does its job well because of the fresh expression.

Credit: alvhem
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What would a room look like without curtains – they really do a lot for the experience. To reinforce the ceiling height, make sure to attach the rails as close to the roof structure as possible.

Credit: alvhem
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What a dream to have access to an old cottage & the opportunity to renovate carefully – to preserve the old & unique while adding simple means to modern elements – a luxury of a higher degree.

Credit: Meidantalo | Instagram
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