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Candles πŸ•―

Candles is a very simple way to lit up the home in a cosy way to create a nice atmosphere. And a candleholder is the icing on the cake.

Credit: wouddesign
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A white interior, white decorations & transparent glass provides a bright, clean & beautiful result.

Credit: husnummersju

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It’s always nice with sweet patterned mugs for the morning coffee or the evening tea. A simple thing that pleases & beautifies.

Credit: Inredningshjalpen

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The wallpaper & monochrome coloured textiles makes this interior calm, relaxing & beautiful.

Credit: the_estate_trentham
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Candles πŸ•―

Always nice, almost necessary with a candles when it’s getting darker. And imagine, how easy it is to change the color of the candle & arrangement to one with a more Christmas feel the closer to the season we get.

Credit: catharinamaria_
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