Poached eggs with creamed corn & green chilli relish. Bacon bones impart a delicious smokiness to the creamed corn but feel free to leave them out. You can always add a pinch of smoked paprika instead for a similar result if you’re vegetarian.


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White interior

A nice white interior where floors & ceilings have been preserved & painted in white. Stylish with the white ribbed wall panel. 

It is always nice with white environments as you bring in a little different material like here in white, untreated wood, the dark round wooden table & dark frames.

timber ceilings@Pinterest

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Earthy colours

Nice & simple with earthy colors & materials in coarse structures such as wood, rattan & sisal …



I’m very much into this type of interiors & furniture currently. Old-fashioned, classic & timeless.

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I’m sure I have posted a similar image previously – this is such a beautiful room with its architectural features. 


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