Renovation of dilapidated pig-sty built in 1780. Nice to give an old building a second chance.

Credit: Naumann Architektur
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What are you reading now? I just finished a book with Geraldine Brooks, people of the book, that I would recommend. About to start a new book that has been chosen for the next book club 👇

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Creative & unique way to do art ⭐️

Credit: Helga Stentzel
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Vegetarian food in Madrid. The first restaurant we visited. Passed by & went back & ordered a quick lunch. Nice place, lovely atmosphere & staff. Lots of green & delicious food with different varieties of vegetarian options but also regular dishes.

Honest Greens | Madrid
Honest Greens | Madrid
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Stockholm | Sweden

In Kungsträdgården in stockholm, the cherry trees were first planted in the 1950s as a gift from the Japanese government to the city of Stockholm. It’s a folk festival every year when the cherry trees burst out & for a few short, intense days at the turn of April – May the crowds are large & there’s pure joy in the air.

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