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A home of character where the perfect styling doesn’t take over, but allows the living everyday to be prominent in a genuine way.

(Photo: Johan Spinnell för Historiska hem Styling: Hanna Rydman för Historiska hem)


Window sill

Another image of a window sill, in marble – easy to dust & keep clean – but above all, good to use for beautiful things for viewing.


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Lappland, the far north of Sweden – an adventure in experiences with snow covered forests, icy roads & old cabins. 

(photos by Dean & Jeska Hearne)


thefuturekept / instagram

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Still life with plants & green accessories – a good example of  how you easily can create something nice – with a few loved things in well-chosen places in your home.

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Genuine Christmas decor – with a feeling of a solid simplicity where tradition is inherited & important.

hanne_paalandet / instagram

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