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From one bookworm to another, here are some tips on books, that we’ve read in my bookclub & that I’ve been recommended on Goodreads by friends. Enjoy ⭐️

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Hotel ⭐️

Hotel Bellinzona is a landmark in Melbourne, Australia. A 20th century novelty with exciting architecture, a luxurious regional splendor & a mix of cultures.

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Baking is soothing & a nice break from everyday life. It makes it so satisfying to just concentrate on creating.

Credit: swiss_rum_bake / Instagram
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Hawker food

Vegetarian hawker stall with various home cooked meals to choose from. It’s always at least one stall offers vegan | vegetarian food at each hawker centre.

In the old days, this type of food was served from a roadside stall or a pushcart. These days, hawkers can be found in coffee shops, hawker centres & food courts. Some hawkers usually specialise in a particular cuisine, sometimes in just one dish.

Vegetarian food stall
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A coherent color scale creates a calm impression & sense of harmony.

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