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We have seen a lot of this solution with a room separated from the rest of the home, through transparent doors. A good feature but also an important decorative detail to enhance the interior.

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Deep blue

The deep blue wall color with the same color blue on the storage surface / headboard creates an interesting depth in the room – and with nicely wrinkled  cream & white bed linen, you simply can’t go wrong.



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Beautiful details

So many beautiful details in this home, a bit dark and gloomy at first glance, but with an exciting light & color scheme throughout.


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A lovely floral patterned headboard with matching yellow as a decorative detail in otherwise very sparse interior. Nice!



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Kitchen / dining

Has recently returned from a quick home visit to meet friends & family in Sweden (longing to the Scandinavian feeling) and had almost forgotten how easy & simple we furnish, with the mandatory functional thinking.


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