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So Swedish

Yepp, this is so Swedish & common in Swedish homes. A nordic style that is clean, functional & timeless.

Credit: Alvhem

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If you have followed an ordinary woman for a while, you know that I have a penchant for low storage solutions, like this image. It does not only provide space for fancy gallery solutions, but also small delicate still life on top of the storage where you also should leave some space clean so it does not get too over worked.



Take care / Marie

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Form, function, beauty – products that make you happy when seeing and using them.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, homesick

This it the time of the year when I feel homesick. The time when friends & family gather on all possible occasions. Darkness arrives at midday already, snow & the cold keeps people indoors which makes it nice to sit inside to cuddle. Winter feels appealing from a distance, while we have pleasant sun & warmth here. So a typical Scandinavian feel, makes sense then.

nordicstyle viap

/ nordicstyle via pinterest.com

Take care / Marie

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Scandinavian style

It is summer in Sweden & winter  here in Australia. FB is filled of comments from family & friends who’s enjoying their summer vacation in what seems to be great weather. My son & his girlfriend are there now too. It makes us feel homesick, especially when we’re watching a typical Swedish tv-show that only runs during the summer months. Allsång på Skansen – sing-along at Skansen. It is a little hard to explain but it’s a long tradition that has become a national “festival”. It’s a tv-show with invited guests performing thier current hit, but they must also select a melody from a song booklet, where everyone in the audience sings along in. Including all who watch at home too!

So with homesickness as a background, this will be a post about Scandinavian style. Something that is very popular in Australia – not just home furnishing but also  music, food, film, fashion & so on. It is after all not so strange really, it is a high standard regarding design, quality & function. I think what appeals to the many, is the use of natural materials & the simplicity of design. I have put together images of what I see as typical of this style & what I’ve grown up with. It’s not the playful & colourful style, but more traditional & a little more mature.

remodelista1. White, light, natural material & simplicity / remodelista

fancy.com 2. Wood materials / fancy.com

tumblr.com3. The 1700s still impacts / tumblr.com

skonahem 4. Functional furniture / skonahem.se

google5. A typical Scandinavian icon / google.com

livethemma 6. Straight lines & simple beauty / livethemma.se

79ideas 7. Much use of textiles & wood / 79ideas

scandinaviandeko8. Simple, clean impression / scandinaviandeko

desdemyventana9. The 1700 century in today’s environment / desdemyventana

convoy.tumblr.com10. Modern environment / convoy.tumblr.com

viltradesignstudio via trendenser11. The famous Dala horse / vitradesignstudio via trendenser

annatruelsen 12. Wood, white & light / annatruelsen

keltainen 13. Birch & white / keltainen

keltainen 14. Swedish icon – Dala horse/ keltainen

pjattrofurnar.is15. white, sheepskin & clogs / pjattrofurnar.is

Take care / Marie

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