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A white interior, white decorations & transparent glass provides a bright, clean & beautiful result.

Credit: husnummersju

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Black details, or statement furniture, make such a difference in a room. The dark combined with a color detail creates interest & excitement.

Credit: tiina_hovatta | Instagram
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A great traditional way to create a nice wall with wood panelling & a kitchen shelf for plates, bowls & other nice things you want to show off. The soft background color helps to enhance the expression.

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Cabinets that are organized make life so much easier. Various nice storage containers & ditto in varying sizes, preferably in transparent material that can easily identify content, becomes a delight to the eye. And easy to keep clean & maintain.

Credit: blogg.skonahem.com
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Imagine having the knowledge & energy to bake in this fantastic way. What a precious gift that brightens the everyday life.

Credit: donadacasa.blog.br
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