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It’s still a bit cool in the evenings & at nights here despite that the spring has arrived & with it, warm days with up to 29 degrees. A stove in the kitchen or living room would definitely brighten up the existence a great deal.


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A small apartment that houses a functional inspiring kitchen, plenty of storage, and with a style that feels mature and well thought through.


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Kitchen prep

A nice image of a kitchen, prepped for cooking. I like the white counter top and the levelled window sill – and with white bowls, glass jars etc, well it’s inspiring enough to get you started.


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Raw, rustic kitchen – made of used material, looks like driftwood at first glance. Nice with walls that are whitewashed and a worn floor that suits the entire expression with other small details as well. 

merneit / tumblr

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A few cooking utensils, spice geinder, sauces in nuce bottles and other stuff put together in a nice compilation becomes easily a sight in the kitchen.


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