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Botanical garden

Beautiful weather, people strolling around, children playing, other are exercising or having a picnic. At the botanical garden in Singapore.

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An Icelandic landscape that hides a modern cottage, where the roof is covered with grass – and a panoramic window taking in the whole uninterrupted view of the magnificent nature.

Credit: bobedredk
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Raffles Hotel Arcade is a shopping venue located inside one of the greatest attractions in Singapore, the famous Raffles Hotel. Most people have heard of Raffles Hotel which is known for its beautiful colonial architecture & colourful history.

The interiors are simple but striking with rattan chairs in wonderfully warm colors, bright walls & friendly staff. And the lounge music is faintly heard in the background.

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S N O W ❄️

The wonderfully creaking sound when walking on cold fresh icy snow & everything else is quiet all around.

Stockholm | Sweden
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Pre-war flats

Pre-war flats in Singapore, built between 1936-1941. Architect Alfred Church was entrusted with the design that was a modified form of a style called Streamline Modern – a late development of the Art Deco movement.

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