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South Kensington

A big part of traveling is the enrichment of experiencing places different as one usually experiences in their daily lives. Houses and buildings are of course an important part that tells their story through their architecture – whether it may be similar or very different.



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Facades, one of my favorite things to check out when I’m in a new area or walk past a new building, which is about to be completed. This image taken somewhere in Copenhagen…

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Take care / Marie

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French corner

The beautiful restaurant “Au Bougnat” a beautiful sight on a street corner, apparently few steps from Notre Dame. A pure delight to stumble upon as a tourist. 

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Take care / Marie

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Stockholm in Sweden captured beautifully in snowfall. This account on Instagram is definitely worth time to scroll through. 

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Take care // Marie

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I could walk streets up & down just for the pleasure to look at houses, facades, industries, shops,  buildings. Shutters, cobbled streets, washing lines, doors, people, pets – everything that gives life to & make a place worth remembering.

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Take care / Marie

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