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Gardens in summer are an experience of color & splendor – with visual impressions that stays with you for a long time.

Credit: lamusadelaflores.com
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Facades provides visual and colorful experiences and makes you astonished, amazed, surprised, alert and enriched. 


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Rug design 

Rugs, a matter of importance – not only to reduce noise in a home, keep the floors warm to walk on & add some comfort. It is for the colours, the shapes & the visual sense too – it is so much more nicer at home with rugs.

day_home via Instagram


Take care / Marie

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Food styling

I am a sucker for inspirational images, in general, for all kinds of images with an aesthetic that appeals to me. I’m not fond of the use of words such as addict, but visual addict is actually fairly descriptive in that sense.

I was drawn to this image for the beautiful colours.



Take care / Marie

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