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On the hunt after posters, preferable bigger sizes which is quite difficult to find – despite searches online. Suggestions anyone? 



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Colour scale

Just very lovely colours together, soft colour scale. 




Take Care / Marie

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Many travel blogs have a fantastic range of exciting images from different countries, cities &  places to be inspired by. This picture with wonderful architecture is a delight.

mylittletrips / instagram


Take care / Marie

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More colour

So I had a couple of comments the other day, that I’m always posting images that are not particularly colourful – which in itself is true – but the fact is that I use photos that I fall for, based on my taste & preference.

So to show my good side, I have chosen a number of colourful pictures of inspiring architecture  that I hope will fit better in taste. Take the time to visit this Instagram account for more inspiration.   (See source below). 

But this is one off – I’m going to continue to blog about my sources of inspiration 🙂

cimkedi / instagram


Take care / Marie

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With all pretty uniformly shaped trends whether it’s in fashion or interior design, it’s sometimes liberating with furniture that’s different, stands out or just belongs to another era. Take the time to visit this nice blog where these images are picked. 

houseofphilia / bloglovin

Take care / Marie

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