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Soft colour scheme

A few images from the same home with a soft colour scheme and an eye for details.





Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, methodically

I like straight lines & structure, it appeals to my sense of order. It is neat with small pictures & stickers that are organised methodically – as in this corner. A collection of dear things & memories that forms a nice little feature wall.

carolinebriel/ carolinebriel

Take care / Marie

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There’s a great deal of oversized framed photos & posters on various inspirational sites. In the right place it certainly makes a difference. In other it looks too cramped to my liking. But again taste is so different so I’m not having an opinion around that. If you don’t want to go for a big, bigger design, you can create that feeling with several small – that hangs in more rows such as one of the images below.
Some people prefer plain or empty walls while others want to fill them with all kinds of art. Either way, it works just fine with either or. But today, you get to put up with a lot of bigger options. Let’s see what you think!

myidealhomeMatching colours / myidealhome

interiorlikes.tumblr.comMonochromatic / interiorlikes.tumblr.com

lamaisond'annagAtmospheric / lamaisond’annag

interioridea.tumblr.comLook out! / interioridea.tumblr.com

theblackworkshopDiscreet / theblackworkshop

thesacndinaviansideoflifeSeveral images makes one big / thescandinaviansideoflife

fancy.comSketchy / fancy.com

slvtcity.tumblr.comGraphic / slvtcity.tumblr.com

australiandesignreviewMural / australiandesignreview

googleimagesStyling / google image

myfavoriteandmybestConsciously nonchalant /myfavoriteandmybest

thegiftsoflife.tumblr.comWall portrait / thegiftsoflife.tumblr.com

pinterest.com Tree- rings as inspiration /  pinterest.com

designtraveller.blogspot.com Modern art / designtraveller.blogspot.com

SAdecor&designIncomplete / SAdecor&design

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Daily inspiration, black & white

Sometimes I see a picture that I find nice. Next day or next time I see the same Image & I find it absolutely wonderful. It changes from one day to another. Maybe, you need to see some things several times to react. As some movies that feels like, oh well. Then when you later on sees them again, the feeling is completely different.

This was not the case with this picture, it was instant love!

/ lascositasdebeachau-blogspot-ca

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, gallery wall

I fell for this picture today.

I think it’s because I always am on the look out for pictures with inspiring wall solutions. On the whole, I think it’s interesting & exciting with photos, pictures, posters & anything else that can be framed or just be put up on a wall. The last year or the years it has become more common with different solutions instead of the standard three frames in a row on the wall. Personal expressions, fun & different thinking around composition, frames around a corner & so on. 

This solution requires less colours in the room to allow the wall do the job. Which it certainly does!

worldofbea.com/ worldofbea.com

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