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It’s daring to use strong colors & color combinations. This is graphically appealing & very harmoniously executed.

Credit: foenixhuset
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It’s not that easy to furnish a room with a slanted ceiling. It can easily look over-furnished & cramped. But done deliberately with well-chosen furniture & clear functions, it can be just this nice, as an example.

Credit: nytthem | Instagram
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Black & white

Black & white, decorated with well-balanced selection of furniture & accessories. A style that never goes out of time. I’ve posted this image previously, years ago. But it’s still relevant & appealing.

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Winter land

Beautiful with a white interior & even more beautiful when inside & outside merge into a white winter landscape.

Credit: villaurinko | Instagram

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Two functions

A separate room that creates two functions although with transparency, avoiding getting a feeling of small spaces. The glass part is a perfect way for openness but still be able to close when needed.

Credit: meidantalo
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