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Partition wall

A nice solution with the partition wall with glass that allows you to view the next room & be part of what’s happening. It provides more light & an airy feel. Plus gives an exciting depth to the interior.


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Old & new

Old building, low ceilings, beautiful wooden details including the nice floor and decorated with personality and style in a charming mix of old & new.


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Wonderful apartment

Wonderful apartment with rooms in a row, a combination of lighter blue walls at the  front, white walls, and the last room with patterned wallpaper – plus those wonderful dark blue pair of doors. Not to forget all exciting details in between…and beautiful bright untreated wood floors. 


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Sitting right now with an open door onto the terrace, the sun is shining, there is clear blue sky & a plane passes just passes by on a low altitude. Thought that this picture could describe the feeling right now.


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Beautiful set in light environment with dark gray accents. So neat & so appealing. I’m sure I’ve posted this image previously…but it’s definitely worth a second post. 


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