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Obviously, a nice interior – however, these carpets make so much for the room, an excellent way to make a home more exciting.



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I’m always looking for nice carpets in varying sizes. Not always easy to find but here is a nice selection.



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Turkish kelims

So splendidly fond of these rugs, just beautiful ❤️




Take care / Marie

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Blue rugs

Rugs, part of my textile obsession…


hemtex / instagram

Take care / Marie

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Floor decor

It doesn’t matter what season or time of year it is, carpets are always current & necessary – to me at least. It does not feel as if a room is completely furnished without rugs, partly for comfort  as well function. It’s also a good way to add colour if you like, as well as to dampen noise among other things.

A natural colour scheme is what I’ve would go for as usual…

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