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Features & details

Features & details that turns a space into an interior with comfort & function as well as an aesthetic space to enjoy.

Credit: interiorlover_
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As Scandinavian as it gets, in a bedroom with this simple & uncomplicated style. Bright, uncluttered & genuine with a huge sense of comfort, space & function.

Credit: sommarnojen
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Two functions

A separate room that creates two functions although with transparency, avoiding getting a feeling of small spaces. The glass part is a perfect way for openness but still be able to close when needed.

Credit: meidantalo
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Lamps does wonders for the visual impression & enhance the interior style. While the lighting point itself contributes tremendously to atmosphere & function.


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Coffee tables

We are currently looking for suitable coffee tables – a number of which can be used as desired & functional needs. Possibly in different heights, but I’m not entirely sure – it can easily look a bit messy or too much. But, as said, it depends on design, material and color, in the end. Something like this perhaps. 



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