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Windows, it’s like accessories that strengthen the house’s profile.

Credit: vargardahus
Credit: skonahem
Credit: lantliv.com
Credit: archdaily
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Flower box

Flower box on legs, black with a thin wooden frame. Beautiful for green plants & floral splendor but, by all means, excellent for other functions as well. Books, glass vases & smaller stuff.

Credit: designtorget
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A beautiful living room with the sculptural sofa by M Ducaroy & matching Scandinavian furniture makes a calm & soothing environment together with the light blue floors. Harmony ⭐️

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A gallery, nice way to create your own “photo album” on the wall with memories & beautiful pictures.

Credit: mxeniaz | Instagram
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I’ve always found that several small tables or like here, a set, are much more convenient to use. It ads more space when needed, and it’s flexible to move around as it suits while the other one is in place. You can clutter one & keep the other clean for decorative things.

Credit: boligdrom
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