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Wallpaper x 3

Oh, the difference wallpaper can make to a room. The feeling, the atmosphere & the impression – and so much design to choose between.

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A cabinet can be beautiful in itself as a furniture & well fill its place. But if you want to strengthen the expression, still life can be a good alternative to create a nice eye-catcher.

Credit: inspiredbycharm

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Ceramic poster

A little funny though how some things fits in the future despite its greatness being decades back. Design history & nostalgia of popular ceramics in Swedish homes – has been made immortal on posters that can now remind us of times that once was.

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Handmade pottery, a ceramic canister – nice on its own in the kitchen, on a shelf, on display or used functionally to store things. Appealing in color & shape – extra cute detail with the knob at the top of the lid.

Credit: madaboutpottery
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Objects that really contribute to the home from all aspects – are glass in various shapes & functions. A pure source of joy.

Credit: bobedredk
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