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Storage solution

I have a preference for low storage solutions & preferably on the wall to keep the floor free. Also along the wall so as to provide a natural storage surfaces. Anyway, this a nice solution and nicley styled with wood, white & black, with the additon of props that’s making the whole set up inspiring. 


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Sand-colored blinds, in linen, in a small space with a window sill, imagine that something so simple can be so beautiful.


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Beautiful with a bright & white kitchen, lovely with open balcony door (with white facade opposite) gray rugs on the white floor & mixed chairs around the dining table. Extra plus with brass candlesticks in a group on the table.




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Outdoor furniture

Beautiful outdoor furniture arranged along the wall – which is my favorite furnishing – with equally beautiful rattan & glass decorations between. Stylish with subdued gray scale on textiles & wall lighting. And just as fine & inspiring with plants with a little height.

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With care

Nothing particular with this set up, just that it’s nice, comforting & laid with care. It is always beautiful with linen cloth, mixed chairs & white crockery. And equally welcoming.



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