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Lovely pastels with darker shades, for the darker furniture & where the base itself is white – make this home an irresistible caramel.

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Stockholm 🇸🇪

Wouldn’t mind being home at this time of year. So infinitely beautiful with all the candles, candlesticks, Christmas loops & other Christmassy – in the cold winter nights. Wonderful ⭐️

Credit: photography_sthlm | Instagram
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Sometimes I ponder about how big an area you really need, without feeling trapped. I have a preference for smaller homes, that can decorate functionally with what’s needed for everyday life. The main thing is access to an outdoor area. Either way, this interior is an example of a living room in a size that fits. And looks good.

Credit: anncjohnsen| Instagram
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A coffee with two small biscuits makes the afternoon a little more brighter ⭐️

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Holiday home

A modern holiday home with a projecting roof for the outdoor area for mild summer evenings. In the middle of nature, the forest & everything you need for a simple life, within easy reach.

Credit: sommarnoje
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