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The outdoor area is the main thing during summer season. I prefer a small cottage & with a spacious outdoor space – that’s what matters most. The size outside.

Credit: boligmagasinetdk
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I have always been fond of porches along the facade (preferably with a rocking chair) where you can furnish freely & unconventionally so that different functions come together.

And move things around as it suits – and with long rag rugs in a row. Very nice.


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Children’s room

Space, surface & coziness – an excellent starting point for a children’s room. Intrigued by the beds along the wall – which provide more floor space. And a soft pleasant color scale …




Take care / Marie

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Burnt colours

An environment with burnt colors that’s very suitable – reinforces the colour of the  sofa in a perfect way. 


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Right now

Right now, this environment would fit me perfectly – an endless moorland with a lot of air & enough space where thoughts can flow freely – and in addition, get to move about without interruption. Lovely!


Take care / Marie

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