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Dark wall

A dark wall in an otherwise bright room provides a dramatic effect. It’s¬†inspiring with frames & small storage- and – with a variety of chairs in different colors – very nice!


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Jewellery box

Nowadays I do not use jewelry because of my job where it does not fit. But I have a box which I bought a few years ago, meant for sewing. A white rectangular box with glass lid so you look into the various small compartments.

This is perhaps a bit too flashy & a little large but fine in the expression anyway.



Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, cute storage

Sweet small baskets with black numbers, for small storage. Cute & simple yet so easy to use. And not the usual colourful design that is common otherwise.

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Take care / Marie

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Storage solutions

Clever storage solutions are easy to find. The thing is how to make it work in your place – to make it yours. I¬†like to belive that it’s important to customise the solution after the surface that’s available, so that it works into the room as a whole.¬†Now, I am not just thinking of the very expensive craft solutions that can be designed & bought for destined areas but also smart finished products from furniture companies.

Also, think about how much of the storage you want to allow being visible. It can look really exciting to visualise all storage, when done right in the particular area. It is nevertheless important with the wholeness, balance & expression, not forgetting the practical solution, from when you open the door to the cabinet or pull out the drawer, to the whole lot from the outside,

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lessismore.fi Colour coordinated / lessismore.fi

Take care / Marie

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Tin cans

My sister & her husband has recently left us after five weeks visit.¬†They moved to Los Angeles ¬†six years ago & it’s now time to move back home to Sweden again.¬†You have to show your favorite spots, which means a lot of different locations across New South Wales.¬†There’s a plethora of farms, villages, communities with diverse range of markets & shops, to hyper-modern shopping centres.¬†We were not looking to shop, I’ll have to admit. Especially because they already had done their shopping before they left LA & sent these with remaining household possessions.

In all cases, when visiting small cute communities, with sunshine & comfortable warmth, then everything looks appealing, somehow. Even things that you usually don’t look at. Believe me, you feel inspired, influenced & charmed by the attractive surroundings & the nice weather.¬†You are never so keen on coffee as when you’re traveling around like that.¬†Coffee & a small cookie or something sweet to nibble on, or an icecream or two.¬†After a number of visits to different markets, second hand stores & retro decorated cafes, I have almost had enough of old cans of different kinds.¬†It becomes so when you blazes through all these different places.¬†Some things have a tendency to recur.

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Take care / Marie

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