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Wooden boxes

Wooden boxes inspired by the plywood suitcases – a simple and beautiful way to organize small stuff in the bedroom.



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Great solution

It is not always possible to screw things into the wall, depending on where you live, if you’re renting or if it is even allowed in some cases. We use a special device that is removable with no marks afterwards, when we need to change or move something. 

Anyway, this is great solution to use for all small things that’s usually gets stacked on shelves etc. (and a nice tiled wall halfway up leaving the rest in solid white). 

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Take care / Marie

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Do not scatter all small stuff into every corner. Collect them together & ensure that they take place, helping themselves, let them be seen … together they are strong.

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Take care / Marie

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Rows & shelves with merchandise that attracts – a common sight in our suburbs around Sydney. Always an opportunity to find bargains & things to be happy about …

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Take care / Marie

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It takes some work, planning & reflection, before one gets together a decent collection & careful structure in the same colour palette.

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Take care / Marie


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