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Dark chocolate

Chocolates, dark chocolate – one of the highlights of the holiday season – and of course – with the coffee now and then. Especially when it’s good handmade quality chocolate. It makes a difference!



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Design lamp

I’m very fond of this ceiling light. Especially because it is in white with a stylish black edging on the top – simple but very charming.

catarinalarsson  via instagram


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, quick fix

Everyone seems so busy to get everything done before Christmas. We should try to remember that it all boils down to get together & socialize with each other during the holiday. Anyway, I thought that if you are in a rush, this could be a fun activity to do , to slow you down & make a Christmas tree at the same time.



Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, talent

I’m an admirer of all kinds of talent that people posses. And the time & passion they invest in things they love. It’s worth an applause!


Via twitter.com

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Daily inspiration, crocheted


I have stacks of both round as well as square handmade, crocheted beauties like these – all in white. I’ve been thinking of what to use them for, or rather, where. I like the idea of putting together a number of them, to a curtain, such as the image below. But still keep them all in white 🙂

urbanscarlett via tumblr.comurbanscarlett via tumblr.com


Take care / Marie

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