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An ethnic style easily created in an otherwise white interior with a dark dining table, oriental rug & a few accessories.

Credit: anotherstudio.dk
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A handbag that definitely puts a smile on your face. Not sure how practical it is. But still…

Credit: Copenhagen fashion week
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Fashion & decor now go hand in hand. Knitted pillowcases that remind of knitted thick sweaters you have under the jacket when it is cold – warm your soul indoors & are pleasing to the eye as well.

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Still life with plants & green accessories – a good example of  how you easily can create something nice – with a few loved things in well-chosen places in your home.


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Built-in storage

Built-in storage, or bookshelf, which is a wonderfully nice solution. Especially in a corner that can be difficult to use. So nice with the shelf on top for precious things & with glass doors that you can see through. Exciting & very nicely done.



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