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Still life with plants & green accessories – a good example of  how you easily can create something nice – with a few loved things in well-chosen places in your home.


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An adorable mix of vintage furniture and accessories that makes a wonderful kids room. Lovely poster 👍


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Built-in storage

Built-in storage, or bookshelf, which is a wonderfully nice solution. Especially in a corner that can be difficult to use. So nice with the shelf on top for precious things & with glass doors that you can see through. Exciting & very nicely done.



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I say it often, but there are few things that creates such joy, such as textiles – and that makes such a big difference with small funds.



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Vipp, a danish company with long design history & excellent eye for details. Their product range is kitchens, bathrooms, furniture, lighting, accessories – and also prefab homes. Scandinavian design with long-term ability to provide better every day experiences.



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