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There’s many trends & loads of styles. But the personal & unique decor is often the one that attracts & appeals precisely because it’s based on someone’s personal taste.

Credit: altinterior
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Outdoor | Terrace

Open doors to the terrace that blends into nature – a breathing place where you can sit & soak up all the beauty around.

Credit: husohem | Instagram
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Lovely pastels with darker shades, for the darker furniture & where the base itself is white – make this home an irresistible caramel.

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I’ve always found that several small tables or like here, a set, are much more convenient to use. It ads more space when needed, and it’s flexible to move around as it suits while the other one is in place. You can clutter one & keep the other clean for decorative things.

Credit: boligdrom
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Raffles Hotel Arcade is a shopping venue located inside one of the greatest attractions in Singapore, the famous Raffles Hotel. Most people have heard of Raffles Hotel which is known for its beautiful colonial architecture & colourful history.

The interiors are simple but striking with rattan chairs in wonderfully warm colors, bright walls & friendly staff. And the lounge music is faintly heard in the background.

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