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Storage solution

I have a preference for low storage solutions & preferably on the wall to keep the floor free. Also along the wall so as to provide a natural storage surfaces. Anyway, this a nice solution and nicley styled with wood, white & black, with the additon of props that’s making the whole set up inspiring. 


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With care

Nothing particular with this set up, just that it’s nice, comforting & laid with care. It is always beautiful with linen cloth, mixed chairs & white crockery. And equally welcoming.



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Home office

This picture has been around for a while and it feels as fresh every time it appears in my feed. It’s probably the conscious somewhat messy decor, with things left on the floor, leaning against the wall, mixed furniture, worn wooden floors, white walls, curtainless windows … the color of the nice table lamp, the jeans shirt slung over the chair … well,  you know what I mean.


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Beautiful set in light environment with dark gray accents. So neat & so appealing. I’m sure I’ve posted this image previously…but it’s definitely worth a second post. 


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Rustic kitchen with a modern touch. I like!


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