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It’s not that easy to furnish a room with a slanted ceiling. It can easily look over-furnished & cramped. But done deliberately with well-chosen furniture & clear functions, it can be just this nice, as an example.

Credit: nytthem | Instagram
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White shades

Some people avoid letting white shades dominate a room. That’s a shame – white together with wood & a few dots with darker tones create a calm that captures the beauty of the harmony that arises.

Credit: planet-decor.fr
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String is a perfect shelf system that’s adaptable & can be designed into many different functions & looks. This is a great way to solve a room with a sloping ceiling where the surface is used efficiently with a solution that is both useful & makes space for beautiful still lifes.

Credit: levaobo
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A lot

A lot of patterns & materials – and yet they work well together. It’s nice with personally chosen precious possessions sharing a common area with respect for each other.

Credit: Natalie Gisborne | Pinterest
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Coordinate – a simple way to create calm & harmony through color choices that recur through accents in a well-chosen places in the room.

Credit: hemnet
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