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Living room

Stylish room in black, white & beige. The same color palette is used on the sofa which has been decorated with a mixture of beige, black & white in the cushions – and the beautiful linen curtains frames the setting in a lovely way.

Credit: stadshem
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Natural colours right through the whole interior in different beige-white shades that connect the room in a harmonious way.

Credit: Margo.hupert.art
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Room layout

A room that’s large can not take a single, narrow or small pieces of furniture as they often look too small in the large space. It’s important to take size & shape into account when choosing functions to get the most out of the space as well as the furniture. It benefits the layout & impact of the room.

Credit: dekolehti | Instagram

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It’s often the case that details make a the whole in a room & creates a context. No matter whether if it’s colour, material, expression, style. It just makes a difference.

Credit: mittpallas | Instagram

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A room with nicely arranged still lifes & a lot of inspiration on the wall – beautiful & appealing. The window with the view is like a painting itself.

Credit: faringsohuset
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