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Beautiful bedroom that at first sight looks ordinary yet aesthetically appealing – no distractions – just a relaxing environment for a tired soul. An interior in a stripped room yet comfortable with white floors, white linen bed sheets & wooden storage. The greenery inside & outside provides a soothing effect.


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Danish furniture craftsmanship with flair, beautifully staged with dark wood to a wall colour that breaks off in a pleasant way. Nice props that reinforces the whole bedroom with a great feel.


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We have cleaned, washed & changed the bed linen on the compulsory day of the week. There are few things that feel as luxurious as to crawl into bed when it’s clean & fresh, right?


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If you have had enough inspiration about how to hang your paintings, frames, posters, then have a look instead at the color selection of the walls & the styling instead.


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More frames

More frames & pictures to be inspired by…


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