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Textiles close up in a bedroom with pleasant colours. 

Livingallery / instagram 

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Soft & comfortable with nice details. Pleasant colours on the eye. 

ananyab / Pinterest

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Stunning home

An exterior that is pitch black with an inside full of heat, with the gilded logs and light plywood. A wonderfully stylish mix of textiles in graphic designs. Generally a lot of wood throughout the house. The hallway leading to two bedrooms is like a light box with two desks in the corridor – each in front of a window – contributing to an ascetic self-discipline when working or studying, with nature close up. A stunning home!


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Blue squares

Fresh bed linen with a blue & a white side – so simple & yet so stylish.


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Deep blue

The deep blue wall color with the same color blue on the storage surface / headboard creates an interesting depth in the room – and with nicely wrinkled  cream & white bed linen, you simply can’t go wrong.



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