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The wallpaper & monochrome coloured textiles makes this interior calm, relaxing & beautiful.

Credit: the_estate_trentham
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Beige & white color shades in the small bedroom area feels fresh & appealing. Despite the simple styling. Sometimes what is toned down can become more eye-catching & interesting.

Credit: alvhem makleri
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Sometimes I find it very appealing with the romantic vintage style, a little French, a little feminine, and a lot of flashbacks.

Credit: peaceloveanddecorating
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Textile designer

A large exhibition, “Wanja Djanaieff and her twenty-two favorite colors” is now shown at Marabouparken art gallery, displaying her work through the ages & confirms her as one of Sweden’s most influential textile designers.

Wanja was born February 1941 & almost completely unknown to most people, but not her patterns. During the 1960s & 70s, she drew hundreds of textile patterns for clothes, furniture & fabrics, which were used & spread all over Sweden.

Her work became known to a wide audience when she designed clothes for the Swedish Olympic team in Munich in 1972. The pattern with yellow crowns on a blue background becomes Djanaieff’s perhaps most famous work.

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Fashion & decor now go hand in hand. Knitted pillowcases that remind of knitted thick sweaters you have under the jacket when it is cold – warm your soul indoors & are pleasing to the eye as well.

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