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I’m sure I have posted a similar image previously – this is such a beautiful room with its architectural features. 


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White plank wall, white wood floor & ceiling, wooden furniture, single white chair, glass vases & a sisal mat create a beautiful whole. Very appealing indeed.



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This is a quite old image now but still current with its timeless style.

minimalist-interiors tumblr.jpg

minimalist-interiors / tumblr


Take care / Marie

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Grey squares

White kitchen with charming decor. Great with white tiles, white floors, ceilings & mix of old worn wooden furniture – with the finely painted grey squares on the floor – very nice.

inredningsbilder  / instagram


Take care / Marie

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All white

Perhaps it is the desire for a white Christmas, or really cold & chilly weather – something is there anyway that makes me have a constant yearning for white environments. I love white wooden floors – something we always made sure to fix wherever we have lived but it would not look good in current house. It does not fit particularly well into the character of building style.

stendigcalendar / instagram


Take care / Marie

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