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Home office

This picture has been around for a while and it feels as fresh every time it appears in my feed. It’s probably the conscious somewhat messy decor, with things left on the floor, leaning against the wall, mixed furniture, worn wooden floors, white walls, curtainless windows … the color of the nice table lamp, the jeans shirt slung over the chair … well,  you know what I mean.


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Sticky notes

Sticky notes in different size & colours, Mondrian inspired from PA Design. Perfect for all sorts of messages, notes & areas. And looks great…



Take care / Marie

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Up to date

I think this image is a few years old now, but it still feels up to date, with its timeless expression & solution.


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Table lamp

On the hunt for this table light …



Take care / Marie

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Scandinavian love 

Danish apartment furnished in beautiful pleasant colour scheme with grey as the recurring theme.

With attention to detail, design & nice light throughout the home. Neat & clutter-free.

The home office is inspiring with the desk close to the window & the back wall with low

storage & the wall free for picture display.



Take care / Marie

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