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It is extremely appealing with built-in bookshelves along a wall. Nice, simple & a good solution – a good way to sort everything, preferably in small storage boxes in uniform color, and in a structured way. It calms down the whole impression in the room.

Credit: bobedredk
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A beautiful & inspiring interior with untreated wooden walls & white painted wooden floors. An eclectic mix of furniture – that just looks amazing.

Credit: @meidantalo
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A comfortable and stylish sofa, a lot of pillows & blankets always create an attractive and inviting sight.

Credit: weheartit

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A pure joy to wake up for breakfast & be met by beautiful bright furniture in a nice environment.

Credit: Photography by Elisabeth for Refine design studio

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I think I’ve posted a similar image before form the same apartment – still going strong.

So many lovely details & a pleasant colour scheme. 


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