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Hallway, a beautiful one, with worn wooden floors and white walls. Note the solution with white transparent curtains that hide the storage part.



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black & white

Nice kitchen, plenty of work space, black & white with plenty of storage, yet bright & airy. Very appealing! 


Jenny Hrund / Pinterest

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Great solution

It is not always possible to screw things into the wall, depending on where you live, if you’re renting or if it is even allowed in some cases. We use a special device that is removable with no marks afterwards, when we need to change or move something. 

Anyway, this is great solution to use for all small things that’s usually gets stacked on shelves etc. (and a nice tiled wall halfway up leaving the rest in solid white). 

fotograflinaostling  / instagram



Take care / Marie

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If you have followed an ordinary woman for a while, you know that I have a penchant for low storage solutions, like this image. It does not only provide space for fancy gallery solutions, but also small delicate still life on top of the storage where you also should leave some space clean so it does not get too over worked.



Take care / Marie

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Base cabinets

A nice part of a kitchen with grey base cabinets, subway tiles in white as splash-back as well as the countertop & walls.



Take care / Marie

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