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Perfect size

With this perfect sized handbag – I will leave you for a while & concentrate on an upcoming move from Sydney to Singapore. Once we are on track with all details, I hope to be able to pick up blogging again.

Until then –  Take care ❤️


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Pastel tones

Pastel tones in a nice simple way – another example of still-life set ups  to create change at home. 


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Nice touch

Small different combinations gathered in a neat way in suitable locations is inspiring & creates a nice well-being in a simple way.

Ingredients LD / Pinterest

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Poached eggs with creamed corn & green chilli relish. Bacon bones impart a delicious smokiness to the creamed corn but feel free to leave them out. You can always add a pinch of smoked paprika instead for a similar result if you’re vegetarian.


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Still life, with small collections all around the home, where it is suitable, creates small inspiring surfaces that adds to the home’s personality & atmosphere.


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