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A lovely sparsely furnished room in a cottage with lots of light & nature a step away.

Credit: room123egmont
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Red cabins

Time to move out to the summer cabin, the best time of the year, according to swedes, is definitely the summer. The red little cottage in the heart & soul of us all ❤️

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Singapore 🇸🇬

The beauty of this green island city-state. Admittedly a luxury retail location to world-class international cuisines. But Singapore is more than famous shopping precinct, it’s a home to a wealth of experiences. Innovative architecture, exciting tracking trails, heritage buildings & shophouses + parks & enormous greenery all over the city-state.

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Interior with stripped-down, subtle play of colors in soft tones. Pleasant atmosphere where the various functions emerge in their own way & interacts well with the whole.

Credit: interior_magasinet
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It’s difficult to plant next to boulders. There’s not always sufficient soil depth. With deep soil-filled “bowls” made of steel frames with different widths & heights, you get great planting opportunities.

Credit: kungsbackatradgard
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