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The brown warm color tones, materials & layers upon layers of textiles is a wonderful combination. And together with the photographs on the wall, it’s perfect.

Credit: marniehawson
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Dramatic color effect that’s been achieved by using a contrasting color to the black kitchen. It adds a great look in combination to the light wooden floor.

Credit: anotherstudio.dk
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Lovely interior

Here is much to see & to be inspired by. Lots of color, pattern & stylish furniture. Lovely interior.

Credit: gronandwhite

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Coffee tables

We are currently looking for suitable coffee tables – a number of which can be used as desired & functional needs. Possibly in different heights, but I’m not entirely sure – it can easily look a bit messy or too much. But, as said, it depends on design, material and color, in the end. Something like this perhaps. 



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Daily inspiration, blue

I’m a beige person but from time to time, I find myself liking a certain color – as a complement. It’s blue right now. Dark blue preferably! Did you know this about the blue color?

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