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Window to the outside world – but so nice from the inside, painted in blue as a contrast to all wood. Beautiful!

Credit: historiskahem
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Sustainability, decor, interior, design – keywords for a kitchen built to cope with modern life with environmental, sustainability requirements.

Credit: tidningenlantliv

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Ages beautifully

Wood, stone, glass, concrete and nature up close, a lovely experience in a beautiful house with materials that keep the wear and ages beautifully.


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A beautiful summer house on Gotland’s east coast (Sweden).
On the roof, the sedum (fleshy-leaved plant with small star-shaped yellow, pink, or white flowers), which makes the house merge with the surrounding nature. The materials used in the house is stone, wood, glass and steel, which ages beautifully & lasts over time. Simplicity at its best. 


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Great house

Another house, architecture & style that appeals – great straight design with big windows adding to the excitement.


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