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A handbag that definitely puts a smile on your face. Not sure how practical it is. But still…

Credit: Copenhagen fashion week
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Fashion & decor now go hand in hand. Knitted pillowcases that remind of knitted thick sweaters you have under the jacket when it is cold – warm your soul indoors & are pleasing to the eye as well.

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Midi skirt, navy with small pattern , short jumper with buttons, a style finished with a pair of sneakers – simple everyday elegance.

Credit: stylèe.fr
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Nothing makes an outfit look so great such as the most necessary item – the blazer.

Credit: hottopicfashion.com
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Boots, jacket & bag

Stylish with black high boots, jacket in large checkered pattern & thin slim skirt. People dressed according to their own taste and style are always inspiring. They create their own personal expression & make it look easy without effort.

credit: andrewsdrawer

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