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Here, it is mainly the jewellery that is the main thing with the simple beautiful design. But they are amplified by the clothing with its simple minimalistic cuts too.

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Take care / Marie

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Red leather

One of the many fashion post I usually find interesting. I don’t care about how people look, it’s the clothes, sense of style, the coordination or lack of – that catches my eye. I find this combination inspiring. 



Take care / Marie

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Extended sleeves

Stylish close-up of a tight skirt in black & white pattern, dark top & white XL size pleated sleeves. The handbag in neutral colour also. It is a lot of extended sleeves right now – not very  comfortable or functional perhaps, but a little fun, with those exaggerated details.

monique_delapierre instagram


Take care / Marie

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Make up

Makeup is not my forte. Not that I don’t use makeup, but it’s quite sparingly. A thin eyeliner & a pale pink red lipstick is my daily use. But, it sure is nice with attractive design – pretty little boxes & beautiful colors.

tomford via instagram


Take care / Marie

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Modern classics

Lovely rich warm & saturated clothes in classic style but with modern touches & loose cut. And with the nowadays required sneakers, to top the outfit. My kind of style & colour scheme. 

bassike via Instagram


Take care / Marie

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