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How to chic yourself to perfection – is obviously about preferences, style, comfort & what you enjoy wearing. There’s no right or wrong – but there’s what’s perfect, like this image for example.


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Soon time

Soon time – the more the fall & winter is approaching – to begin to pull on layers. A great way to keep the warmth & look good at the same time…


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White / beige

White pants are something I use all year round. Always works great to most things in the closet – but I have a fablaise for beige colors, especially together with white.



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A stylish combination

A stylish combination with the blazer that continues down a bit at the back, the baggy pants with the obvious sneakers, of course, the shirt with turtleneck sweater underneath, and knitwear over – as I’ve mentioned before – it’s always nice to dress with layers. 



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Leather jacket

It’s been a while with corduroy in fashion- great material (even if it loses its shape after some use). Anyway, it’s the leather jacket that was popular ages ago that I noticed is back again…a classic!


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