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Restaurant visit

A lovely environment with many visual impressions, besides the scent from the kitchen – an experience that will remain – when you combine nice menu with a nice restaurant design & sense of aesthetics.

Beautiful material with pleasant colour choices.

milktoothrain via Pinterest

Take care / Marie

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Marrakesh, Morocco

there are countries that attracts the wanderlust, curiosity and the desire to see something new. Exciting Morocco with culture, architecture, food & interesting people – it inspires me right now.

http-//amongraf.ro/Djemaa El-fna

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, cafes

Cafes in this city exist in large numbers. It appears as if new ones emerge constantly. And I mean constantly. And why not, it’s a big part of the culture & the best meeting places with friends. There’s always some one who have a favorite they offer tips about. And it’s always as great, just as they said.


Take care / Marie

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