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Singapore ūüáłūüá¨

Singapore, an amazing place to discover, explore & be inspired by.

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To plan a trip is just as exciting, with all the expectations, as to actually being there and experiencing it in place. Almost! My destinations is often about visiting cities & places, experiencing different cultures, watch people, be inspired by buildings, surroundings or just a simple corner, perfect for a cup of coffee.


twitter.com:archpics.amsterdam at night




pinterest.com:source:conservativepapers.com / Stockholm





Take care / Marie

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Darker blue

I’ve had this dark blue colour on my mind for a while. I’ve had a desire for something in dark blue¬†in ¬†my wardrobe – a good basic colour that matches most things.¬†We went on a long weekend trip to Singapore a few weeks back &¬†it’s incredible how much you can find in the enormous choice that is available.¬†From the big top brands to small independent retailers.¬†If you plan to travel there give yourself some time to explore, not only the shopping opportunities, but also the huge variety of restaurants, coffee bars & small shopping streets.¬†Anyway, I came home with some nice things, in this particular colour – deep dark blue – classic simple clothing without frills.

Esprit_2happyinteriorblog.comDifferent shades of blue together with beige & brown / Esprit_2happyinteriorblog.com

skonahem.seOrganised styling / skonahem.se

fashionlover.netPreppy & proper / fashionlover.net

pinterest.comSometimes it’s not bad with a convertible /¬†pinterest.com

skonahem.seConsistent white base with blue accents / pinterest.com

aurahome.com.auDark blue with white crosses Рgraphically beautiful / aurahome.com.au

margaret--jane.tumblr.comLisbon, Portugal¬†/ margaret–jane.tumblr.com

pinterest.comInspiring collage / pinterest.com

fancy.comSimple & basic / fancy.com

google.comJust inspiring / fancy.com

pinterest.comTextiles / pinterest.com

megan55 via tumblr.comStylish cut / megan55 via tumblr.com

facebook.com:petra.becker.7121From a friends FB post / facebook.com:petra.becker.7121

moccachoc via google.comShort & wide, with long sleeves under / moccachoc via fashionfriends.tumblr.com

fancy.comFamous view from Italy/ Fancy.com

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Beach vacation

It’s that time of year when I would like to go away, get a change of scenery &¬†simply rest.¬†Ideally, I’d like to get off to a desolate place without a lot of¬†activities, people & historical attractions. It’s contrary to what I usually like. I do actually enjoy the rush of big cities¬†& colorful street life with congestion & noise.¬†You can experience & feel the pulse at close range & still remain anonymous – in the middle of the crowd. It’s quite appealing & cozy (If cozy is the right expression of course).¬†But it’s not quite that kind of longing I have. No, it would be very¬†nice to travel somewhere with a distance to all of this. Beaches, sun beds, palm trees, shade, heat & not too many people around. How does that sound?

I guess it’s boring for some & heaven, for others. The fact is that I have all those things around me, within 30 minutes distance. Still, I’d like to go somewhere far away – just for the sake of change.¬†I may sound spoiled, which is not my intention. It’s more about the need of temporary change – new environment, new ideas, start all over or rather rethink things.¬†To do as little as possible, with simple decisions about which book to read or maybe take a nap. You know, relax, eat, sleep! Yep, indeed, that’s what I desire, right now.¬†But now it will not be like that, at least not for the moment. We have relatives who’s here on five weeks visit. There will be no rest at all, the more trips, guided tours & late nights. Certainly nice but …

Happily, we can look forward to a long weekend in Singapore in March. City life instead of the relaxing mood I’m longing for. However, still a¬†change ūüôā

inspirationfeed.com Grand hotel du cap-ferrat in France / inspirationfeed.com

imgoingcoastal.tumblrPool & sea in the same color range / imgoingcoastal.tumblr

wethehappypeopleQuiet & relaxed environment / Wethehappypeole

dogpile.comImagine being able to doze off, to a smooth breeze / dogpile.com

http://joielala.comJust sand & water / joielala.com

viceroy resortvillasWith the sea & the sandy beach, as your neighbour / Viceroy resort villas

wisuellaA just enough activity / wisuella

letoutpetit.tumblr.comBeautiful transparent water / letoutpetit.tumblr.com

dailymail.co.uk worlds biggest pool

The worlds biggest pool – so big that you could sail a boat in it (if you’d like to) / dailymail.co.uk

restorianhardwareComfort in the shadow / restorianhardware

islands.comPalm trees, sandy beach & cover from the sun / islands.com


Manilla Рproper dos of activity / contemporist 
Seychelles Рbeautiful view  blessthisstuff

thisisnotnewRest, eat, sleep / thisisnotnew via tumblr

weheartitI’ve used this image before – very inviting / weheartit

villingiliresort maldivesWhat can I say Рthe perfect spot, under the palm trees in Maldives / villingiliresort

Take care / Marie

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