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Orchard road | Singapore

Never ever seen one of the busiest shopping district in the world so empty. Restrictions in place makes people wary of the needs if they’re not essential. That’s good – stay safe & look after each other ❤️

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Botanical gardens Singapore

With the botanical gardens only a short walk away from our house, it’s quite natural to then spend time in beautiful surrounding for daily walks. Especially with the social distancing that we all have to practice for everyone’s safety.

The gardens were stablished in 1859 and on UNESCO’s Heritage Site. It’s 60 acres of land transformed from a disused plantation into the popular recreational garden today – a recreation for jogging & lazing about, as well as a leading centre for botanical & horticultural research. The National Orchid Garden boasts the world’s largest orchid display, with over 60,000 plants & orchid plants.

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Little India in Singapore – a place to explore & enjoy. The atmosphere, the colors, the scents & the friendly smiling people. And not least, the architecture.

Credit: wonderlust.singapore

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Singapore 🇸🇬

Singapore, an amazing place to discover, explore & be inspired by.

Singaporetravelvibes | Instagram

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To plan a trip is just as exciting, with all the expectations, as to actually being there and experiencing it in place. Almost! My destinations is often about visiting cities & places, experiencing different cultures, watch people, be inspired by buildings, surroundings or just a simple corner, perfect for a cup of coffee.


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Take care / Marie

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