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Cozy, inviting & somewhat personal environment, even if it is not the typical interior style that I usually fall for.image


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Daily inspiration, bar design

I think this is an image from a bar in Spain, but not sure. I like the mix of materials to the black bar background & the beautiful mirrored window. Bottles in orderly rows with nice labels plus a marble front, looks great together with the beautiful floor. Bar stools with floral pattern is like the icing on the cake. Great look!


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, space

Isn’t this a lovely place – cosy & with atmosphere, created through a mix of furniture pieces, white tiles, chairs with various colours & the burgundy sofa.

brightbazaarblog.com/ brightbazaarblog.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, coffee shop furniture

This picture that I found online, I believe is from a new place in Melbourne. What I like with it, is actually the whole environment. It’s mainly the light but also the brick walls that are painted in white. The table with black base & wooden board. Those classic chairs that has been painted in pale pastels & the untreated floor. I also like the built-in wood shelves with the few things that has been stored inside. They are more apparent with the white wall behind, in the background. The pendants, they become like the icing on the cake.

specadoc.com/ specadoc.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, cafe life

I sometimes stumble upon certain images that I fall for, just because I’m in the right mood or because it feels right at the time. It may be its simplicity or the beauty in some details – pictures that are appealing in one way or another. Here is one that just feels right. Enjoy 🙂


Take care / Marie

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