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Right now in Bangkok on a short trip. Five days of vacation without any agenda. Just take it easy, walk, explore, take in moments & relax. Lunch taken at a French restaurant with excellent food & fantastic staff.

Pasta Pomodore
Beaf Bourguignon
Soft warm brownie, whipped cream, chocolate powder
Macchiato, espresso, biscotti
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Finger food ⭐️

Finger food is probably one of the nicest things to offer because it’s often small, tasty starters that also create an informal feeling when you have a gathering, big or small..

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Roast with red wine sauce, herb butter & tomato salad. The “meat” looks fantastic & it’s 3D engineered plant-based meat that’s s an equally good alternative to real meat. And kinder to animals, nature & our planet.

Credit: javligtgott | Instagram
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Sandwich, the best breakfast or evening coffee – cheesy, spicy & hearty sandwiches with something warm to go with it.

Credit m| 1000smaratter | Instagram
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Pasta cake

An exciting idea & nice alternative for a joint dinner – a pasta cake that’s a real feast for the eyes.

Credit: goodfoodau
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