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Elizabeth Bay

Elizabeth bay, a pretty view in Sydney.

Credit: vogue Australia

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House inspiration

I have been inspired much of houses lately, mostly because of the building boom that’s going on here in Sydney – it’s being built everywhere. There are a huge number areas / suburbs that have changed beyond recognition during the last years – in many cases very positively. 

The architecture is perhaps not similar to this house but this is an image that stands for the development that I’m inspired off right now.



Take care / Marie

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Well, it’s not summer here but I just arrived from a family holiday in Sweden – with an unusual steady summer weather. AND spring is just around the corner here in Sydney…

roombutiken via instagram


Take care / Marie

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Scandinavian design

Scandinavian design is always right & always timeless. These are images from an Australian company based in Sydney. Guess who is going to visit them shortly …




Take care / Marie

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Bondi beach

One of the many, many beaches around the city to visit & enjoy.

The best of two worlds, with the sea & a 21, 9 meter pool – if you dare on a day like this.

Also, a third reason too, with all coffee shops, shopping & interesting people from all over the world.



Take care / Marie

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