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Once again, an image from the Danish company – @kbhsnedkeri – a beautiful armchair that is as much a furniture as it is a statement of what design can do for the soul. 


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There’s creations, and there’s creations. Architectural wonders, with differences in design, materials, structure, statements, etc. Standing side by side, for contrast & to remind us of another time concepts.



Take care / Marie

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And that’s my statement today!


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, Bridges

I have a fondness for quotes, statements that i pick up from magazines, news, websites or conversations. Some appeals to me instantly while others don’t concern me much. Maybe it’s about when in time or what phase one is in, in life. Or maybe it’s about inner values. It’s cool that with just a few sentences, you can fill a horizon. Create a meaning, put into words a feeling.



Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, installation

Some things are beautiful or interesting without having anything special message while others becomes interesting because the idea behind it.



Take care / Marie

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