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There’s creations, and there’s creations. Architectural wonders, with differences in design, materials, structure, statements, etc. Standing side by side, for contrast & to remind us of another time concepts.



Take care / Marie

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And that’s my statement today!


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, gallery wall

I fell for this picture today.

I think it’s because I always am on the look out for pictures with inspiring wall solutions. On the whole, I think it’s interesting & exciting with photos, pictures, posters & anything else that can be framed or just be put up on a wall. The last year or the years it has become more common with different solutions instead of the standard three frames in a row on the wall. Personal expressions, fun & different thinking around composition, frames around a corner & so on. 

This solution requires less colours in the room to allow the wall do the job. Which it certainly does!

worldofbea.com/ worldofbea.com

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