Daily inspiration, homey

I like this homey & very personal kitchen. It was featured in a Swedish magazine rather recently. White flooring, white walls & a lovely blue colour on kitchen cabinets. Very organised & lovely with all visible household utensils.

skonahem / skonahem.se

Take care / Marie

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10 thoughts on “Daily inspiration, homey

  1. Haha that’s it!


  2. Chas Spain says:

    I know what you mean. We lived in the Midlands in the UK for a few years and it got to about 27C one day – which I excitedly thought was the start of summer. But no, that was the one summer’s day!


  3. Nuh, there’s a couple of nice summer weeks, if we are lucky. Someone once said: that day when it is summer in Sweden, then it’s warm & sunny. Not bad 🙂


  4. Chas Spain says:

    I think she means they don’t really get summer – you just have snow and then thaw.


  5. While this layout is relatively small and more of a corner solution, there are lots of ideas on how you could solve a kitchen in a similar manner, without it becoming claustrophobic – and with room for many. I think the kitchen is charming and personal, and if I would try to create the expression or the actual feeling, I would just pick one piece here and there. But I would prefer four kids & two dog before any kitchen in the world 🙂


  6. fffing says:

    I love the look and know how totally claustrophobic I would feel once I added in my 4 kids and 2 labradors to this kitchen. Argghh! My rule of thumb is still Breakable? Not practical. and Will dog hairs collect and need dusting?


  7. Wonder what Princess Desiree means by that? Should I get it or…


  8. Chas Spain says:

    I’m just watching a short doco on Sweden by chance – and a quote by an imported Princess Desiree was – ‘there are two winters in Sweden – one is white and the other is green’. I did spend a short part of summer in Sweden though many years ago and I thought it was lovely.


  9. Haha, sounds like a good idea. Not sure if you would enjoy the weather though 🙂


  10. Chas Spain says:

    I just want to move into a Swedish House – would cut down on all my trips to Ikea if nothing else.


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